Procrastiskate by Tony Wood

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Procrastiskate book by Tony Wood.

"funny, evocative, loving, bringing a sense of non-judgemental belonging" - Tony's mum.

Born inside the mind of a youthful adult and drenched with the wretched frustation and wanton desire to roll on his wheeled plank until his body starts to decompose. Procrastiskate is a collection of poetic writing which ignites the common emotions of many a middle-aged skateboarding human.

The honesty, the self-deprecation, the humbleness meld together into an utterly readable, involuntary nod-and-giggle-fest.

He could quit skating if he really tried... he did it once before but a piece of him died.

Artwork by Arron Campbell, Jason 'Hillbilly' Cheverall and Dan Bryant